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Our Journey and how we came up with our one size pocket diaper design!

In 2019 Ali previously worked at the local office of children’s services, her maternity leave was nearing the end, she was not ready to leave her sweet baby and return to work a dilemma many mamas face. Though she loved her job, she felt if she returned now; she would likely grow to resent her job.

She began researching money saving tips for stay-at-home moms. One tip was cloth diapering, though the expense up front was a little high in the beginning, it did save money long term, and as a budgeting family, it allowed one less thing to stress about. This led to further research on the benefits of cloth diapering, with this Ali’s passion grew. She opened this cloth business. There were a few hiccups in Ali’s personal cloth journey i.e. tummy leaks, slight skin irritation, etc. that motivated her to create her own brand with a specific blend of features that helped these hiccups. Ali has always had chunkier babies, that are heavy wetters, and tummy sleepers. A diaper with a tummy panel and stretchy soft material became essential. Chet (Ali’s high school sweetheart and husband) really struggled changing diapers that had a snap set up like Alvas, so his one request was to have two snaps only on the tabs. Aw went through a couple interior materials, the first being microsuede, however microsuede caused some irritation, and would pill. Polling is only a cosmetic issue but was not a very aesthetically appealing. Next, she tried a more organic approach with a cotton/bamboo interior. Initially the interior felt great, however air drying caused the material to dry slightly crunchy, and it took FOREVER to dry. After some thorough research she stumbled upon and implemented an athletic wicking jersey interior, we received excellent feedback, and found our winner.

Alaskan Wildlings has been in business since 2019, we underwent a rebrand in 2021 due to another business having a similar name. We have successfully delivered many preorders; even with covid delays creating obstacles. At the end of the day Ali is still just a mama with a passion for cloth diapering. This business wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of our tribe of sweet customers.

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