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CPSC/CPSIA Compliancy

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Hello beautiful tribe! I’ve been a little MIA between catching a cold, mom life, packing orders, finding, making, and mocking prints, I’ve been working on CPSC (CPSIA) compliance. In the coming months, you will notice some labeling changes to our products!

What is CPSC?

CPSC stands for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Commission’s job is to set standards and requirements for children’s products, including materials and labeling in the USA.

If I import children's products and the foreign manufacturer has already tested and certified the product, do I need to retest or recertify the product? Can I just pass along the foreign manufacturer's children's product certificate?

CPSC requires that certificates of conformity be issued by the domestic manufacturer or the importer of products made outside the United States. This means that an importer cannot simply pass along a foreign manufacturer's certificate of conformity. However, the component part testing regulation, at 16 CFR part 1109, allows importers to use a foreign manufacturer's test results or their component part or finished product certifications of a children's product to issue their own Children's Product Certificate, as long as the importer exercises due care to ensure the validity of the test results or the certificate and receives the documentation required by the rule.

That being said we send our products to be tested by a lab here in the USA to ensure the safety of our products for your little ones. We are registered on the CPSC’s database ( ), this is a very important part of being compliant. code: Picasso While the process to become compliant has been slightly overwhelming, we are happy that we’ve taken the steps to ensure compliance, not just because it’s required, but because we care about this tribe and your little ones.

Thank you so much everyone for supporting us on this journey!

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